Bareskinn Portablenda


Bareskinn portablenda allows you to make deliciously healthy blended beverages at work, school, market, or home.


It’s Portable, Easy and Convenient

This portablenda was made just
for you. We love our fresh juices
& smoothies on the go and we
know you do too.
Bareskinn portablenda allows you
to make deliciously healthy blend-
ed beverages at work, school,
market, or home.

Your portablenda offers you a drink on the
go…. with the power of your “at home”
plug-in blender.


• Before using this product for the first time,
please use a detergent/dish washing soap to clean
thoroughly and dry it
• Do not try to put your hands or any other
object in your Portablenda bottle while in use
• We recommend you always cut your fruits
into very small chunk to aid in blending
• Add liquids into portablenda first before
fruits/other ingredients
• After adding ingredients into the blender,
tighten the upper core (bottle) to the base and
ensure that the alignment dots are in line.
DOUBLE CLICK the switch at the bottom to turn
the power on.
• Your portablenda takes about 2 hours to
fully charge. The charger is a wireless USB pad;
make sure to place the base of the blender onto the
wireless pad ensuring that the points of contact
meet to form a magnetic attraction and plug in USB
into a power source
.• The white breathing light will go OFF
completely once the blender is fully charged. This
blender cannot work while charging.
• Bareskinn portablenda has only 40% power
from the factory. It is recommended to fully charge
the battery before first time use.
• The internal blade of the main unit can
be quickly cleaned with the running water.
Ensure to open and air dry the parts of this
blender to prevent odor.
• Base of the blender is waterproof but
please do not soak in water or any other liquids


“Healthy Living starts with making a conscious effort.
take this step & get yourself a portablenda today”

Additional information


– A Bag – 1 blender – Wireless Charging pad – User manual


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